Aug 15, 2016

I'm Back!!!

Woooah, I am back to this blogger page.

Reasons why I haven't written anything for such long time (more than 2 years!!!):
- No time, lots of work deadlines  @KITASATUBALI, drawn into motherhood life of 3 kids.
- No time, having a lot of excuses.
- No time, addicted to other Social Media apps.
- No time, watched CSI, Law & Order, Common Laws, unReal, oh and yes, How Do I Look Asia.
- No time, prefer running and lifting weights than opening laptop.
- No time, had to attend mothers social gathering every month.
- No time, got MC gigs (hey, check my online profile on the top tab).

My off-line life is pretty full as described above. I am trying constantly to be a better mom slash wife, by waking earlier in the morning. It is great that my family is not demanding. Our breakfast is pretty simple. Bread, or omelette, or cereal for the kids.

Enough about my off-line life. I am thinking about this blog. What should I put as theme so I can an online influencer. Hahahaha... So ambitious. That's after seeing the famous Indonesian Youtuber, then our company was the local production for SKII Global Beauty Circle, when world-class beauty influencer a.k.a. blogger and youtuber were entertained for about 4 days at Ayana Resort Bali, plus there was Asian Viral Festival in Bali.

Product reviews are always hit and attractive. Like nowadays, anytime wanting to go somewhere or buy something, always Google it and read reviews online.

Anyhow.... This post is just my rant after 2 years. I will try to write more often. About anything. Random stuffs.

By the way, I just want to remind ladies out there, be strong. Be independent. It does not mean you should stay single. Having a partner in life, plus having children, moreover amazing ones, are the greatest gift from God. I am trying to encourage ladies to have ability to earn something, to show power, to stand tall, head up high.

Girl power!!

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