Sep 13, 2016

Bali Pulina, Tegalalang, Gianyar, Bali

We went to Bali Pulina on Sunday, September 4, 2016 on our way from Kintamani to our home in Denpasar. This is an agro-tourism premise, which is located on the same road with the famous terraced rice fields at Tegalalang.

Sekarang sedang trend wisata alam dan wisata pertanian. Jadilah, kami memutuskan untuk berkunjung ke Bali Pulina, sebuah tempat yang sedang nge-hits di area Tegalalang, Gianyar. 
Location of Bali Pulina, just Google Map it!
I was kind of eager to know this place as I have saw several postings on Social Media, and there was one enquiry from Jakarta about Bali Pulina.

So, there we were, arriving at the spot. Bali Pulina has a large signage that was easily viewed. The parking space was quite ample. Once we got off our vehicle, we walked to the entrance where we saw a couple of Indonesians being directed to a ticket booth. The gentlemen who waited the booth told me that each adult has to pay Rp 100,000. Well... we are a family of 5, but I told him we had two kids under 10 (which was true). So, I paid for 3 adults, in total of Rp 300,000. Here, we must pay cash. If we want to pay by debit/credit, the staff would take you inside to settle it at their souvenir shop.
Entrance Fee to Bali Pulina
Menurut saya, tiket masuk ke Bali Pulina termasuk mahal. Kalau tidak siap uang tunai, staff di pintu masuk akan menggiring Anda ke toko souvenir dimana ada kasir dan EDM untuk menggesek kartu Anda sampai berasap :) Oya, tiket ini nanti bisa ditukarkan dengan satu cangkir minuman pilihan Anda, dan satu porsi pisang goreng. Jangan bayangkan satu porsi besar ya (itu tadinya bayangan saya!). Ternyata isinya cuma dua pisang!!! Hehehe.. Untungnya pisang gorengnya lezat dan terasa fresh. 

IMHO, the entrance fee is expensive. Inside, we can redeem the ticket with one cup of coffee (or tea) and a portion of banana fritter (2 pcs on a plate).

Bali Pulina set its landscape to look like it is a very old Balinese house with lush spices garden. I am sure Westerners and very modern Indonesian would love this place. First interesting spot was a little house with traditional coffee roasting tools. Across that house, they placed LUWAK and displayed the 'poop coffee beans'. My two little ones could not believe there is such beverage :)
Cute Photo Spot
This is a great photo spot, indeed :)

Orang Indonesia pasti senang berfoto dan memasukkan foto ke media sosial. Jadi, ya cocoklah di sini. 

Then we head up to a beverage counter that showcased all the variants of coffee and tea they had. The staffs told us they would bring the sample tray to us. During that hour (around 4pm), the place is crowded and we were lucky to get a good seating place.
Family of Prestaka at Bali Pulina
Once we found our table, we told the staff to reserve it, then we went to Bali Pulina famous photo spot.
The Famous Photo Spot of Bali Pulina
Looking Over the Green Lush of Tegalalang
Technically, we couldn't take photo at the edge of the 'coffee-bean-shaped' deck because of the backlight. So, we just took photo wherever feasible according to hubby. Ideal time to go to Bali Pulina and have your photo at that spot would be in the morning. Let's say 10 am.
Mom and mini
Wefie of Prestaka
Agar punya foto diri/kelompok yang bagus di titik cantiknya Bali Pulina, menurut saya, paling pas datang setelah makan pagi. Ya, kira-kira jam 10 pagi. Mataharinya akan menyinari wajah Anda secara tepat. Silakan dicoba!

One thing I noted from that photo spot, there was a building development in progress. Staffs told me it was going to be a villa. Hmmm... If only Bali Pulina can purchase the land across their premise, to keep the green view for their customers.

We waited for a while, then we got the sample tray of 6 coffee and 2 tea, plus traditional potato chips (which was spicy and so yummy).
The Beverage Sample Tray of Bali Pulina
Foto di atas adalah tampilan delapan gelas minuman yang bisa kita rasakan di Bali Pulina. Nanti kalau sudah coba semua, Anda bisa pilih satu jenis minuman per satu tiket yang dibayar. Kalau kripik kentangnya, hanya dapat satu piring kecil (dan anak saya berhasil minta nambah sekali, karena enak). 

Here is our amateur review of the beverage.

The banana fritter and lupis sticky rice were very tasty. The beverage? Hmm... not our favorite lah. They also had cookies in jars. Cookies were nice! When we want to pay, we had to go to the small cashier which is located inside their souvenir shop. It is a good strategy to get tourists to do impulse buying. We had to queue for a while.
Kid #1 and Kid #2
Pembayaran total belanja kita di Bali Pulina diselesaikan di kasir toko souvenir. Manajemen Bali Pulina membuat alur jalan sedemikian rupa (dan ada staf yang berjaga di titik-titik penting), agar tamu yang datang pasti keluar dan membayar. Trik yang jitu untuk para wisatawan yang suka tiba-tiba ingin membeli oleh-oleh di toko souvenir. Cuma, ya lumayan antri lah. 

Few things that we noted about Bali Pulina:

  • Staffs were friendly and helpful.
  • During busy days, service is quite slow
  • The restroom was clean, at least the ladies one which I went.
  • The landscape is nice, and they had real gardeners to work around.
  • For city people, it is also a good place to show little kids about organic plants. We saw pineapple, chocolate, lemongrass, many kind spices, and even they had honeybees.
  • Another parking fee at a place where we had to pay quite expensive entrance fee.

I reckon these kind of places charged entrance fee to make their place exclusive. It is always about supply-demand... freakonomics kind of thinking. If business want to have less crowd, a certain amount of fee has to be levied. I can understand. But still, I think Rp 100,000 to go inside Bali Pulina, enjoy the view and the average taste cup of coffee.

Kami yakin pemberlakuan tiket masuk ke Bali Pulina ini, selain untuk membiaya investasi pemilik, juga untuk membuat tempat ini tidak terlalu ramai. Serupa dengan Secret Garden Village, tempat-tempat ini memiliki spot cantik untuk foto dan dimasukkan ke media sosial. 
Bali Pulina, photo by Abdes Prestaka

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