Nov 5, 2016

I Have a Mistress Friend

She is a mistress. Mistress to two men. One man at where she lives. The other man is from the capital city, who often visits her.

Yes, she is a mistress. It means she is a lover of a married man.


I know her from gym. She always does her make up at the same spot. She comes to the gym almost every day. We bumped at the locker, casually made friendly greetings. Well, initially she asked if I brought q-tip because she forgot to bring one.

I am a quiet person for someone whom I don't know. I tried to make a 'normal' or friendly facial expression, but avoiding a longer conversation at the locker. However, it is hard not to make responses to chats or happenings inside the locker room. You know, girls, young women, older women, we are all the same when we get together. Loud chats, personal rants, naked butts, topless bodies.

It all started when this 'not-so-young, but not-old' girl tried to make casual conversation with me. Like, what do I for a living, do I go to the gym every day, why she never sees me at RPM class, do I use Personal Trainer. Vice versa, I tried to ask similar questions, so we kind of knowing each other at the same level. It happened every day.

By the way, she is almost on her phone during locker time.

Then one day, after receiving a phone call, she looked like almost crying. She said she wanted to work, get employed, but her boyfriend didn't allow her to work. Every time she brings up the intention to work, the boyfriend will tell her to go shopping or go to beauty clinic to get facial.

Another day, she ran out from RPM class, and said she couldn't concentrate because she was just too stressed.

Sometime I saw her at an empty alley outside the gym, talking over her cell phone.

I did not want to get into her business.

Then, one day she just started asking me if her outfit that day looked good on her. "Is it too short?" she asked. It was too short. I couldn't say that, though. I said to her, if you don't have to go to a public place after gym, that should be okay. Tough situation. This kind of question happened multiple times. She thanked me for being honest with her, not just saying she looked good, like other people. That's what she said. She said she felt convenient asking me questions because I look wise and trendy.

LOL... I look wise. Trendy, yes I can accept that because I put the efforts to be trendy. But, being wise?

Other morning, she then asked me what to do about the employment offer. I simply said follow your heart. Follow what your heart tells you, not someone else. She said her boyfriend did not like the idea of her getting a job because it will reduce her available time to meet this man.

She opened up about having a boyfriend in other city, whom she asked to buy Under Armour pants for her. Then, she said her same-city-boyfriend often come with lots of money and asked her to go spend the money. And she said, both men are married.

I was really speechless to hear her confession. As a wife, a happily married wife, of course I became speechless to that fact. I told my husband about me having a mistress friend, and her confusion whether to work or not work.

I don't know exactly why I wrote this, and what is the main objective of my posting. Having this new kind of 'friend' gives me a new perspective of mistress.

Why she became a mistress? I see the $$$ is the reason. She told me, back when she was in high school, she was active. Working as Promoter Girl, Umbrella Girl, presenter, host in her home town. Then everything had to cease when she was being kept by a man. She literally said 'being kept'. She said after being kept, she became stupid and brainless.

She is a product of a generation who wants instant result. No hard work, but wanting a hedonistic lifestyle. Kept inside an apartment, wait for the man, and his money.

I couldn't ask her, if she ever, in a second, in the tiniest thought, ever think about the wife of those married men. While lying next to the man, has she ever thought about a woman who is waiting for this man at home?

Can I blame the man who initially approached her and gave the proposition to her to be a mistress?

Can I also say that the wife to that married man also take part in this situation, making a mistress is possible to her husband? If she takes care of her husband very well, then the husband will never have a thought of having a mistress?

Is the system also to be blamed? How can an employee, salary paid by government, can maintain a mistress? How can a private company employee, be able to have extra cash to be handed to a mistress?

I met her yesterday at the gym. She told me she browsed my Instagram photos and felt that she can also have activities like mine. She said she wanted to have the feeling of being active.

I told her to get out of her comfort zone. If this kind of zone does not make her happy, I told her to leave it. Make a new life. She almost cried and thanked me.

I hope in the near future, I can changed this post title to "I Had a Mistress Friend".


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